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Guild News

College Is Upon Us

skryson, Aug 9, 13 1:38 PM.
As the summer comes to an end we see several of our members going off to their respective schools. This doesn't have to mean the end of our gaming sessions until winter, there is an alternative; Roll20. If the group would like to continue to play a game or two a month, the DM can set up a campaign through this site. So far I've had a bit of a bugger time working with it but I'm sure whoever would like to DM the games would be able to figure it out. If there are any question please ask.

Provision Page Update and Schedule

skryson, Jul 11, 13 5:45 PM.
    Okay so I know that some people still need a handbook or two. If there is a book that you want please put it under the Needs List on the Provision page with amount you're willing to pay in the Days Available slot. If I know what you need I can get you the book(s) and have you reimburse me.
    On the schedule several events have been added, I would appreciate if you would sign up for those that you can/want to attend. Games are highlighted in blue while workshops are highlighted in green. As for the PDF files that were saved on a drive that is no longer available, we are currently working on the situation. 
    If you have a chance, please come up with a backstory for your character. You will be with them for a while and any background you come up with for them can be incorporated into the game to give you a more gripping roleplay experience.
    Head on over to the Provisions page and sign up for events and books. Maryn I'll leave you to your duty of game recap when you get a chance. Also the poll has been removed as the question is no longer posed. 

    Please check out the House Rules as they've been updated.

Game Recaps

skryson, Apr 2, 13 7:16 PM.
    Head on over to the library to read over updates if you missed the last game!
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